Leere und Dichte

Group Exhi­bi­tion
Doku­men­ta­tion­szen­trum für mod­erne Kun­st Niederöster­re­ich
Prand­tauer­straße 2
3100 Sankt Pöl­ten, Aus­tria
March 11th to April 17th, 2022

Link DOK Niederöster­re­ich

A pink wormhole scultpure standing in the exhibition room

Playing in a hole

Solo Exhi­bi­tion
Gentz­gasse 86–88/1–2
1180 Vien­na, Aus­tria
Sep­tem­ber 9th to Octo­ber 9th, 2021

Link Kul­tur­drogerie
Link to project

A human hand clings to the edge of the black hole in a wormhole performance sculpture

Querverschiebung eines Wurmlochs — Eine Raumkörperanatomie

Per­for­mance and instal­la­tion
Domenig Stein­haus
Stein­dorf am Ossi­ach­er See, Aus­tria
Sep­tem­ber 4th, 2021, 7pm

Link Domenig Stein­haus
Link to project

Matthias Mollner stands bent over and naked under a concrete staircase in the Domenig Steinhaus

flora pondtemporary

Group exhi­bi­tion in pub­lic space
Stift­ste­iche Sankt Flo­ri­an, Aus­tria
July 16th to Sep­tem­ber 26th, 2021

Link flo­ra pondtem­po­rary

A winding pink and beige painted wormhole performance sculpture made of wood lies on a lawn next to a pond

Natur ! PRO_dukt/

Group exhi­bi­tion in pub­lic space and Trais­mauer cas­tle
Trais­mauer, Aus­tria
July 7th to Sep­tem­ber 26th, 2021

Link Natur ! PRO_dukt/

In this installation several huts made of steel connected with wormholes made of clay stand in a grassfield

A bed is a serious place

Two week-long per­for­mance. Instal­la­tion in pub­lic space
“Non­Stop­Schein­er”, Opern­ring 17 (next to Opern­pavil­lon), Graz, Aus­tria
Insti­tut for art in pub­lic space Styr­ia / Muse­um Joan­neum
Win­ner project com­pe­ti­tion “Non­Stop­Schein­er 2020”
July 31st to August 23rd, 2020

Link Insti­tut for art in pub­lic space Styr­ia
Link to project

A group of people is lying and sitting in a big sized bed in public space in Graz

Wintersalon 2019

Group exhi­bi­tion
Gallery mod­u­lart Vien­na / instant-edi­tion
Decem­ber 12th, 2019 to Jan­u­ary 21st, 2020

Link Gallery mod­u­lart

A pink painted concrete sculpture in the shape of a human's butt


Solo exhi­bi­tion, book pre­sen­ta­tion,  per­for­mance
Sym­po­sion Lindabrunn, Aus­tria
Novem­ber 16th, 2019

Link Sym­po­sion Lindabrunn
Link Edi­tion mono

Matthias Mollner in a business dress and a gas mask climbs the hillside of a vulcano

Wormhole # 1

A per­for­mance sculp­ture
Sym­po­sion Lindabrunn, Aus­tria
Open­ing on Sep­tem­ber 6th, 2019, 4 p.m.
Per­for­mances with pub­lic par­tic­i­pa­tion on Sep­tem­ber 7th and 8th, 1pm

Link Sym­po­sion Lindabrunn

An winding wormhole performance sculpture made of concrete lies on a grassfield

Crawl With Me Through the Woods and the Open Fields

Per­for­mance and instal­la­tion
Grün­bach am Schnee­berg, Aus­tria
June 9th, 2019

Link Crawl With Me Through the Wood and the Open Fields

An earthworm is crawling over a human eye

FIFFI / Fundamental impotence follows fucking ignorance

Per­for­mance in pub­lic space
Matthias Moll­ner and Clau­dia Wag­n­er
“Body and Free­dom Fes­ti­val”
Zurich, Switzer­land
August 22nd to August 26th, 2018

Matthias Mollner is lying naked on an asphalt floor in Zurich and is being pulled on a dog leash by several people

YOU where is your revolution?!

Solo exhi­bi­tion
May 22nd to May 27th, 2018
Hör­nes­gasse 10 / Depen­dance for Con­tem­po­rary Art
Vien­na, Aus­tria

Black white photo of Matthias Mollner dressed in a shirt and a tie and besmeared with earth-moist clay

Dive Down / Abtauchen

Alte Schmiede, Kun­stvere­in Vien­na
May 28th, 2018

in the performance Matthias Mollner puts his head in a water filled bucket